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The Upper Room Hospitality Ministry Inc.

Prince Edward Island

The Upper Room Hospitality Ministry Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates a food bank and soup kitchen as a way to meet some of the food needs of their local families and individuals. The organization is doing what they can to address the Food Insecurity on PEI. Their team is there for anyone who needs them, when they need them. Some clients, because of their circumstances, struggle to make ends meet over months or years. The Upper Room Hospitality Ministry Inc. is there for them each and every month. Other people need temporary support when they are dealing with one of life’s challenges. It could be the loss of a job, a new baby, a move or often times sickness. Any factor that upsets the delicate balance between income and expenses can be the reason an individual needs help for a limited amount of time.

Along with the food bank Upper Room also operates a soup kitchen. For Robert Frizzell, who accesses both services, the soup kitchen has been a place to socialize and receive help for himself and his friends who are homeless. “To eat outside in the cold, the food gets cold pretty quick and eating outside on a bench but coming here is very convenient and comfortable.”

How your donations will help

Your donations will be used for the purchase of food. Food Banks across the province are always trying to improve the quality and increase the quantity of food being given to people in need. Your donations will increase that quality and quantity, to bring more food to those in need across PEI.

Donate to Upper Room Hospitality Ministry Inc. today