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How much do I have to donate?

It’s completely up to you! You can donate a minimum of $2, either as a onetime donation or a regular deduction.

Safeway Q&A

Why won’t we be supporting the same charities as the former Canada Safeway Employee Payroll Donation Program?

Ensuring more Canadians have access to healthy and affordable food, nutrition education and early help for child and youth mental health challenges means Healthier Tomorrows for more Canadians. The charities selected reflect our Community Investment commitment. Charities from the former Canada Safeway Employee Payroll Donation Program have been encouraged to apply for funding through the Safeway Community Action Fund in their region.

Quebec Q&A

Is the program being offered to affiliate stores in Quebec?

At this time, the program is not being offered to Quebec affiliates however we hope to introduce this program in the fall of 2022.