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Kids Help Phone


What is the primary focus of your organization?

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7 national, free, e-mental health service for young people, offering bilingual professional counselling, crisis support, clinically-based tools and resource referrals. Since 1989, Kids Help Phone has been deeply committed to serving every young person who reaches out to us for help without judgement. We were pioneers in virtual care at the time, and we continue to be today. We are Canada’s leading experts in youth mental health and e-mental health solutions.

We know the problems facing youth in Canada — and provide solutions that save lives and impact communities. For over 30 years, Kids Help Phone has been there for youth across Canada through extraordinary shifts in technology, politics and culture. We’ve been there through major world events, national tragedies and local challenges. But, conversations are on the rise, and the issues facing youth are becoming more complex. Access to support can often make the difference between a negative and a positive outcome in a young person’s life

What is the demographic of the people that you serve?

We serve every demographic and every population across Canada. The typical age range we support is 5yrs to 27yrs, but we will never turn anyone away who reaches out to us for support. We also support adults through a dedicated Texting service.

How many individuals/families do you serve annually?

On average, we support young people 13,020 times every single day. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had 12 million interactions with youth across Canada and demand continues to rise.

What program or initiative will the funds raised by Sobeys Inc. be used for?

Your donation will be put towards the highest priority needs at Kids Help Phone.

Please include an inspiring quote or testimonial regarding your organization and the work that you do.

“Thank you so much, I think you’ve saved me from lashing out and hiding myself from the world. This conversation has meant everything to me. Thank you for helping me when I couldn’t help myself.” From a Kids Help Phone service user

If you have any best practices or engagement tactics you would like to share regarding employee giving programs that your organization is a recipient of, please indicate here.

– Lead from the top – senior leadership should model the behaviour and demonstrate their commitment to youth mental health by donating and sharing their commitment publicly to inspire others to give. –

Provide matching corporate donations, either on a regular basis, or during certain times of year, to help inspire others to donate, knowing their gift will double in impact. – Providing a giving incentive is helpful and encourages participation. Examples of employee incentives would be a day off for reaching a certain giving level, a group lunch with the President for those who’ve reached a certain giving level, recognition as part of their performance evaluation.

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