An Integrated System of Care

The South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) covers an area from Lake Erie to the Bruce Peninsula and is home to almost one million people. The South West LHIN is responsible for planning, integrating and funding health services in Grey, * Bruce, Huron, Perth, Middlesex, Oxford, Elgin and Norfolk* counties.

IntegratedSystemWheelThe LHIN recently completed a three-year plan, called an Integrated Health Service Plan, for how care will be delivered in your region from 2016-2019. This plan will guide us in making our vision of quality care, improved health, and better value a reality.

After listening to patients, caregivers, health service providers, municipal leaders, and members of the public, we designed a plan that is intended to reflect the needs and future directions of the health system. We will continue to work with our partners to enhance the health system to better meet the needs of people across our geography.

The LHIN is committed to working closely with the government in its plan outlined in the proposed Patients First Act, 2016 while ensuring the continued delivery of high quality care to the people in our LHIN.